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Gas calibration acquisition system
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Gas calibration acquisition system

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An overview,

Suitable medium: gas (high coke to gas, blast furnace, converter or coke oven gas, mixed gas, etc.), steam, water, natural gas, etc.

Suitable for following occasions: large deviation of measurement and process, large difference of production and consumption, pipe network imbalance, etc. It can be used to calibrate various differential pressure instruments, electromagnetic and ultrasonic instruments. It can be used as a data entry point for energy management.

Function 1: Process analysis & comparison - It reflects the actual level of blast furnace, converter or coke oven, comparing process and measurement, with a level comparable to domestics steel mills of the same category.

Function 2:  Compensation for siltation - When inaccurate measurement caused by siltation occurs, this function can make for compensation for gas pipeline siltation.


Function 3: wear compensation- When using orifice flow meters, the hole ratio would change due to end face wear, this function can achieve the impact of wear on the measurement compensation.


Function 4: humidity compensation - gas humidity-containing problems lead to inaccurate gas measurement, pipe network imbalance, this function can cooperate with our own product--- plug-in working condition flowmeter (including temperature, pressure, humidity integrated sensor)--- to achieve on-line real-time detection of humidity, so as to achieve temperature, pressure, humidity on the gas measurement effect compensation.

Function 5: wide range compensation-with the help of computational fluid dynamics, a variety of range ratio algorithm can be used to achieve wide range compensation.


Function 6: insufficient compensation of straight pipe section-with the help of computational fluid analysis, the flow algorithm under working conditions is realized, rather than the ideal algorithm of unit of measurement calibration, which can be accurately measured under working conditions.


Function 7: Multiple transmission modes - this function supports wired and wireless transmission, enables remote observation and analysis of media data such as gas. It can be transmitted to DCS nad also seen as the data entry of energy management.

Function 8: Multiplex output and query - supports multiplex output, historical query and historical curve analysis of temperature, pressure, humidity, flow and other data.

2. Technical parameters

Model number: NCF - WCC4

Power supply: AC AC220V

Power consumption: 35 w or less

Operating temperature: -10℃~60℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃

Relative humidity: 5%~85% (no condensation)

Interface: AC220V air switch interface

4 channels 4~20mA current terminal

Display: 12.1 inch industrial touch screen

Storage: 2G/32G (solid state)

Sampling period: 0.1s

Display period: 1 S

Cumulative error: <0.05%

Dimensions: 600 mm×500 mm×200 mm

3. Wiring instructions

DP+, DP- : Differential pressure signal terminal

P+, P- : Pressure signal terminal

T+, T- : Temperature signal terminal

H+, H- : Humidity signal terminal


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