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The cultural philosophy of Hanhua is: Don't lie!

Don't lie! Be true and sincere to customers.

Don't lie! Be honest and earnest to colleagues.

Don't lie! Be real and genuine to friends.

Don't lie! Be faithful and devout to families.


Hanhua's mission: to promote the process of global industrial artificial intelligence!

Hanhua's vision: to be a world-leading company in industrial artificial intelligence system!



LOGO: Logo of Hanhua consists of three parts respectively, the initial letters of "Hanhua"'s Chinese pinyin, i.e."HH", located in the center, anda green ellipse surrounded the double "H".

The two curved letters "H" represent Han Hua, which are connected up and down into ladders, meaning that each and every one in Hanhua will unite and cooperate, innovate constantly, and make breakthrough. The red color indicates the vitality and struggle of the staff, and the orange color bears the vision that all the people in Hanhua will fulfill the mission through hard work. The ladder is closely tied with the outside ellipse, which means we will steer a steady course. The elliptical structure symbolizes the rules and expresses our obedience to local laws wherever we are in the world. The green color of the ellipse represents our desire and commitment to the green Earth.





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